Together we build the urban world of tomorrow

Theresia Ghostine Abi Khalil


Graduated in 2015 from the Lebanese university of fine arts, Theresia chose a path of continued education while working for MANAF.co as a junior architect. She completed a project management, contract administration and execution management courses along with green building design.


Theresia moved to work with G.R.O.W. architects where she began to practice architecture professionally where as an associate she rose to handle national projects.

Alongside with G.R.O.W. she took charges of architectural projects from A to Z under public or private order, new construction or rehabilitation.

In 2020 the idea of T20 Studio came to light, with an interesting background and knowledge. More clients entrusted her with their projects from the small scale of creating a pool house to a touristic resort design. With T20 Studio, Theresia developed a personal approach to the profession characterized by a meticulous technicality and disciplines with the main and only objective: creating the urban world of tomorrow.